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Interview: Johan Davis tells "Summer Again"

Hello Johan, thank you for being here. You have been in the electronic music world for many years now, why did you decide to publish your song just now?


Hi Ethan, I have always desired to start a project that could be just mine, but in the past I didn’t always have the time or the right motivation. I had started creating some remixes, but after being far away from this environment for a while, I needed time to find myself again and find my sound.


Why did you leave this environment? Were you not interested in music anymore or were you thinking of switching to another genre?


Music is a big passion for me, but life is full of many other things. I put my heart into my job, but if I can’t feel the motivation anymore, I prefer dedicating myself to something else. I have listened to a lot of music during these years and I have explored many different kinds of music, but I have never thought of switching to another genre. I love electronic music, it is a genre that can get to everyone in the world, without making any difference in age, colour or ideas. People from all around the world dance to it in the same way and, for me, having the opportunity to give out some happiness and lightness is an honour.


What convinced you to come back?


Around three years ago, I was on a beautiful beach in Greece. I heard a strange music from far away… the flow was incredible. I jumped down of the sunbed and I ran everywhere, looking for the direction from where the song came from. Finally, the app on my phone found it. It was an amazing remix made by a Turkish DJ. Something lit up in me and I tried to recover all of my musical path that I had lost during those years. The journey was awesome, and I had found again a musical style capable to inspire me and to make me feel completely myself. That moment changed my life, and the following year I decided to print it on my arm, dedicating my first tattoo to that moment.


And three years later, here you are with “Summer Again”. How was this project created?


Time was needed to recover all the time I had lost and to make acquaintances with the new technologies; this is a world that evolves constantly. I have finally found my perfect place between the Deep and the Tropical House, and I have started working with my sound. My first song has some clear Tropical traits, I wanted to create a happy and lighthearted song, unluckily we are just coming from what’s been a difficult year for everyone in the world and I hope that this summer will be the actual beginning to the end of this terrible story and to go back to normality. From this thought, the song was born, I wanted to give out some peace of mind and a distraction from what happened, hoping that my notes can accompany us out of this tragedy to reborn again, all together.


The lyrics instead tells a very sad story…


Sure Ethan, I want to make people smile with my music, but the sad pattern is mandatory and of respect to everything that individuals went through during the last year and for those who are not with us anymore. The story of my song tells another thing, because it’s right to think about it, because we all have to come back to our lives.


What is “Summer Again” about?


It is about a love story come to an end because of the death of her. The boy’s soul is destroyed and, looking at a star in a dark sky, he thinks of her and he understands that soon that star is going to get lost in the sky, and so will be her face, which will be more and more faded and life will delete the memories and he’ll lose her forever. He knows that, stopping to breath, he could get the pain away and get to his love through death. He imagines of getting to his girlfriend and of taking her to an imaginary island, in that place, just like the Neverland of Peter Pan, they would never grow old, and they would live together forever in a loop of constant happiness. He thinks of escaping the idea of pain and death, finding their secret shelter. He looks back to all of their memories together, their first kiss, their cuddles and how he lost everything because of fate. In the end, he’ll understand that the only way to keep his beloved alive is to keep on living keeping her in his heart, safe. The island will be his heart and he’ll live for both of them, until his own very end. Because love must always win.


The feelings are authentic and common to many people, what do you want to communicate with this song?


People can suffer for many reasons, but the feelings stay the same for everyone. I’d love for my song to give out hope to all of those who are suffering or who have suffered in the past, I’d like for everybody to find the strength to go past the bad moments in life. It doesn’t matter where or how, but, somewhere, there must be a reason to go on.


Do you think that “Summer Again” could be the song of this summer?


I left a piece of myself in “Summer Again”, I hope to contribute to something with my song. If my track could be able to make someone’s day, I’ll know I have spent my time doing a good thing.


Do you want to talk to us about your artistic projects? Have you planned some tours or are some productions going on?


Right now, it is not possible to know when and whether clubs will reopen and if events will be organized. My staff and I, we are working to create some interactive platforms for the fans, we will do our best to feel closer to people, if it won’t be able to come back with live projects.

In the meantime, I’ve already been working on my next song, I haven’t got a release date yet, but, for sure, we will be able to listen to it before the summer. I feel very inspired lately and I want to concentrate all of my energies on my role as a producer.


Thank you Johan Davis for giving out your time to our readers, of course we hope we’ll see you soon in front of your public!


Thanks to you and to all of those people that follow and support me every day.


Ethan Sanders


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